About Us

The best gift is one which makes the person break into a big smile, and gives them a memory for a lifetime.

Gifterman helps you do this. We blend art and emotion to create a gift that is personalized, creative and forever! Caricature, oil painting, pop art, pencil sketches—you name it, we deliver it. For all those occasions where you want to surprise your special people, come to us.

Gifterman is the latest venture from Artribute Creatives Pvt Ltd, a company whose vision, mission and passion is art in its many forms. Its earlier venture Photogiftindia.com—a brand which brought innovation and creativity to the concept of gifting since its inception in 2006—is now an internationally popular online gifting site. A team of professional artists, with skill and experience in digital and manual drawing, sketching and painting, create artistic gift choices that are unique. Over the past decade and more, we have done nearly one lakh caricatures for clients across India and abroad. We are associated with several reputed design agencies, publishing houses, corporates, etc to create customized gift works. With Gifterman, the Artribute team hopes to further revolutanize the concept of customized gifting, by enhancing the emotional connect and the happiness quotient.